70 Fulvia Coupe in Eastern Washington

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    Paul Cornelius

    Last fall, I purchased a 1970 Fulvia Coupe.  It took while to find me – a long journey from Rome.  It is a lovely thing, and I love to drive it.  Slowly I am addressing it’s needs.  I joined this forum some time ago, but have not received any confirmation or any communication, despite repeated inquiry.  I hope that issue can be remedied.

    Cheers to all



    Tom Toronto

    Hello Paul – Congratulations on acquiring your Fulvia.  I have a ‘72 series 2 Fulvia – as you say – great to look at and even better to drive.  This site not too active though the Club is more lively.  Would recommend – if you have not already – to Ed Levin and provide your VIN.  Ed should be able to tell you when it was built and is a remarkable information source for all things Lancia.  His comments on Bring a Trailer, along with Mike Baum, whenever there is a Lancia – sometimes an Alfa too – are continuing ed – no pun intended.

    All the best,



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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