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    Steve Peterson

    Recently there has been some discussion on the West Coast Reunions and locations.
    Fortunately Hank, Ed and Adan have stepped up to host the 2018 one in SoCal with details to follow. The Dowlings have graciously taken on one in NorCal for 2019. Many people have mentioned how they like to see the reunions in middle CA and in fact in the past 20 years the majority have been many held in these areas. but we have to realize that the reunions depend on volunteers and that those who do volunteer are usually more comfortable doing something “near home”.
    Remember that it takes a ton of work and the reunions depend on the hosts and what they can handle.
    There has also been talk about the feasibility of having a Reunion mid week to avoid the congestion that often occurs around areas that are desirable for reunions. Please feel free to use this venue to give us your take on the topic.

    leif a neuman

    Looking at mid week events I am concerned that we limit the participants to the old\”gang\” as younger members most likely will be working and not having the freedom to take off for a event like ours.

    Tony Jervis

    Good to know that the 2019 West Coast Reunion will be in NoCal – presumably northern California. Where might that be? Got to start planning the drive from Vancouver, BC!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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