Derby Green Integrale Evo 1

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    Michael Kohagen

    Hell0- I am new the this forum, and am looking for advise with respect to  purchase of the below-linked Integrale Evo 1. I recently had the misfortune of purchasing a Lord Blue 8v, which was destroyed by a fire when the transport vehicle caught fire on its way from Washington state to my home in North Carolina; and I am looking to this Evo 1 to be its (hopefully less unlucky) successor.

    I inspected the car in person, and the only issues I found were that the car has a temperamental idle when starting cold, and the A/C was deleted. The selling dealer indicated he believes the temperamental idle relates to an issue with the alternator, as the check battery light is on (despite the fact the battery tests as being fully charged), and that he will remedy that issue before the car is purchased. The car has relatively solid maintenance history, but there is no documentation of belt changes in the recent past. I would love to hear from more seasoned Integrale owners what their thoughts on the car are (including its price), if there are any particular issues I should be looking for. If anyone has recommendations for a suitable east-coast mechanic (hopefully in or around NC!), or knows of anyone else looking to sell an Integrale in the area, I would also love to hear! Thank you for your help, and I am glad to be a part of the American Lancia Club forums!


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