Fulvia Maintenance and Troubleshooting

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    OK, so I just returned from an 900 km rally up the mountain roads to Alpine AZ crossing beautiful National Forest parks and prime Native Am territory.
    The 1967 1.3 Fulvia Berlina played well despite being the oldest and lowest displacement vehicle among the Alfa Gulias and spiders I was mostly following.
    Though they did not interrupt my trip, two issues cropped up that I would like to put to the forum before starting, perhaps unnecessarily, to take things apart.
    The first is a metallic tick in time with the wheel turns that emanates from the front right wheel, only when turning left on the hairpin turns. Checked for debris or stone in tire, and any play in the wheel – at least without jacking it up. It may be getting slightly louder but impossible to hear in city traffic which is why I hardly noticed it back home.
    The second is a slight drop in the brake pedal during what was always light to normal braking ( I am very defensive on approach and never brake hard unless forced – not that I needed to at all on this trip, unless some tourist cut me off while I was trying to race down the side of one hill in order to get up the next one without dropping to 2nd near the top). The car stops normally for a hydraulic brake car of the era but this somewhat sudden 1/4 inch(?) drop in the pedal is unnerving. this happens once per drive session or maybe 4 times on the trip. I would hate to think I would just get used to this and ignore something potentially serious.

    Richard Lynn

    I think you probably fixed these problems by now but it’s disappointing that no one replied.  We have to get this Forum more active.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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