New Beta Owner AT LAST!!!!!!!!

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    Well, I see the Lancia Club Forum hasn’t been active in over 7 months, but hey…. here I am, new to the Lancia-world, damn proud of this….. and happy to be a part of the group (no matter HOW inactive it is!)

    My name is Justin (47) and I live in New York City (ever hear of it?!? lol)  I just bought a 1976 Beta Coupe 1800 that has a swapped out engine for a 1981 Zagato 2000 engine and fuel system.  Its kinda Burgundy color with dark brown leather interior.  When I was much younger (roughly 1990 and i was 18-ish), I saw a cherry red Beta for sale on some Used-Car lot in Poughkeepsie NY, and pulled over to see what the heck this cool thing was! I thought it was some kind of Italian BMW or an Alpha or something….  it was gorgeous, but at the time, I was all about Japanese sports cars (Honda CRX.)  It stayed in my mind all these years….   Since then, other than very rare occasional sightings, I forgot all about the Lancia Beta. Then, about 4 months ago…. I saw one on the side of a residential suburb street in Westchester, in great shape, partially covered by a tarp.   I took a pic and went home to get online.  Unbelievably, much to my amazement….. I FOUND THAT SAME CAR FOR SALE on craigslist, and a old posting on BringATrailer.   I was blown away that I actually found it.  After about 3 months of nagging, pestering and keeping myself in his face…. the owner finally agreed to sell to me for a good price. I take the car this upcoming weekend and I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!  At long last I have my Jaguar XJS V12 Convertible AND my Lancia Beta Coupe!!!  (Now if I can just find a 1980 VW Scirocco, 1972 Opel GT and a Triumph Stag…. my childhood ‘Obtainable Dream Cars‘ collection will be complete!!!)

    Any New York State Beta owners out there?!?!?!?

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