New Beta Owner AT LAST!!!!!!!!

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    Well, I see the Lancia Club Forum hasn’t been active in over 7 months, but hey…. here I am, new to the Lancia-world, damn proud of this….. and happy to be a part of the group (no matter HOW inactive it is!)

    My name is Justin (47) and I live in New York City (ever hear of it?!? lol)  I just bought a 1976 Beta Coupe 1800 that has a swapped out engine for a 1981 Zagato 2000 engine and fuel system.  Its kinda Burgundy color with dark brown leather interior.  When I was much younger (roughly 1990 and i was 18-ish), I saw a cherry red Beta for sale on some Used-Car lot in Poughkeepsie NY, and pulled over to see what the heck this cool thing was! I thought it was some kind of Italian BMW or an Alpha or something….  it was gorgeous, but at the time, I was all about Japanese sports cars (Honda CRX.)  It stayed in my mind all these years….   Since then, other than very rare occasional sightings, I forgot all about the Lancia Beta. Then, about 4 months ago…. I saw one on the side of a residential suburb street in Westchester, in great shape, partially covered by a tarp.   I took a pic and went home to get online.  Unbelievably, much to my amazement….. I FOUND THAT SAME CAR FOR SALE on craigslist, and a old posting on BringATrailer.   I was blown away that I actually found it.  After about 3 months of nagging, pestering and keeping myself in his face…. the owner finally agreed to sell to me for a good price. I take the car this upcoming weekend and I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!  At long last I have my Jaguar XJS V12 Convertible AND my Lancia Beta Coupe!!!  (Now if I can just find a 1980 VW Scirocco, 1972 Opel GT and a Triumph Stag…. my childhood ‘Obtainable Dream Cars‘ collection will be complete!!!)

    Any New York State Beta owners out there?!?!?!?


    Welcome to the Lancia family.

    You are welcome to email me your contact information so I can include you in the ALC Updates that we are sending out. I can always use a photo or two of your car.

    Look forward hearing from you,

    Leif Neuman, ALC West

    Nikita Sha

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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