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    Godfrey DiGiorgi


    I’ve wanted a Lancia Fulvia Coupe since before I was old enough to drive and got it into my head to buy one, finally, in recent months before the cars (and I) are too old to enjoy the experience. I want something to drive and enjoy, not just to be a garage and show queen.

    Bringing anything manufactured later than 1968 into California proves to be an unending hassle with emissions compliance due to CARB regulations, so I’ve located a nice 1967 example, originally sold and titled in Los Angeles: a good driver in a nice state structurally, cosmetically, and mechanically.

    It’s in the Midwest at present; I’ll have it here by the end of April. Really looking forward to realizing this childhood dream of a Fulvia Coupe! 🙂


    John Wiley

    Neat – sounds like you found a good car with its California history. How did you find it?

    Godfrey DiGiorgi


    Random chance: I did a global search with Google for “1967 Lancia Fulvia for sale” and wandered through about two hundred or more listings in the USA. Nearly all were old listings, but one looked particularly intriguing so I decided to give it a shot … and got lucky. 🙂



    I just joined the club. I live in Oxnard Ca.

    I am looking to purchase a 1975 or earlier Lancia in good condition .


    Godfrey DiGiorgi

    One bit of advice:

    If you live in and want to title/register the car in California, look for ONLY a car that has already been legally titled in California, or a 1967 or earlier car unless you’re wealthy enough to put a lot of money into the various testing and adaptations that may be required. The title and registration process for cars between 1968 and 1975 can be expensive and/or difficult-to-impossible to obtain a legal title and road registration for due to CARB regulations.

    It’s a serious PITA. I had a lovely 1973 Fulvia Coupe lined up that I was all set to import, but CARB regulations made it impractical and foolish to risk spending money on due to the difficulties I might encounter, and the expense on top of purchase, shipping, and US Import Duty.



    Just took a look at your conversation about registering a car in CA. You are correct that it is a hassle to direct import a car to CA if later than 1968. However that does not apply to a car that was previously registered in another state. Then the 1976 emission standards kick in. So, as long as the car was registered in the US in another state than CA you can register a 1975 or older car here. Hope that helped. There are people that handle the DMV work so you can just have them go through the needed paperwork for you. In the case of the outfit I am using, they charge $75.00 plus any fees from DMV. For me it is worth every penny not to have to wait in line, just sit back and wait for the paperwork and license plates to arrive.


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