New Member Just bought my First Lancia Beta Zagato

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    Dave Frick

    This is a quiet forum it seems but thats ok.

    I saw a Beat in 1989 and tried to buy it from a friend.  He wouldnt sell.  But I never forgot it, 30 years later and a few boughts with cancer and I am still around looking for one.  Seems the Betas are all across the big pond.  But I did find a beautiful 81 Lancia Zagato and bought it today.

    Its beautiful and bumperless.  So I am now looking for euro spec bumpers.

    So hello and I will always check back to see if there is activity here.

    I am in maryland.


    Tom Toronto

    Congratulations on your Beta Dave and good luck on the bumpers.  Mike Kristic might be helpful in obtaining bumpers.

    All the best,




    Dave Frick

    Thanks Tom!

    I will reach out to Mike if he has contact info here.

    best,  Dave

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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