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    Gustavsen Terkelsen

    Am a new member and my last name is Lancia. My dad immigrated in 1920 with his family, and I am 1/2 Italian. We have a 1981 Zagato that I bought a year ago and an still trying to solve some running problems and get it on the road. Would like to know if there are other Lancia owners nearby. Have been to Fiat Freakouts, but since the FLU changed their name and dropped Lancia from the name, I am looking for a new Lancia organization.


    Hi All-
    I am not new to the club, but I wanted get geared up on a topic important to me personally – Fulvia maintenance and troubleshooting – so I thought I would at least do the requested introduction.
    I am in Phoenix so I guess technically a West coast member, though I inherited this Lancia affliction many years ago from my father in New Jersey so I go back and forth to the two Lancia coast events as much as possible and in fact end up most often in the East… or even in the UK club events. My sister lives there so I have a foothold.
    I have a Fulvia coupe and a Berlina but my newest project besides painting an Appia to return to my father’s collection is a 1947 Ardea which arrived in boxes. But more on that later. Ciao to all you Lancisti, and thanks for participating as a community on this site.

    Andrew Long

    Dear Lancisti:

    My name is Andrew and I live in Southern California.  I own a 1977 HPE and a 1959 Flaminia coupe and I have owned an Appia Vignale, 2 Fulvia Sports, and a Flavia 2000, back when I lived in NYC. The Flaminia is very very rusty and not driveable–really a parts car–and so I am always on the lookout for a good body, preferably on the West Coast, just in case someone can help. Any Lancia contacts, parts sources (for all Lancias)  and mechanic references in the LA area are also appreciated.

    Ed Levin


    There are a number of us in the LA area.

    Parts sources will depend on which model you’re speaking of. Mike Kristick has parts for most pre-Beta models. Out here, Adan Figueroa at has Fulvia & Flavia parts. There aren’t any Beta sources out here; it’s probably either Midwest Bayless or BetaBoyz in the UK.

    Similar story with mechanics–depends on the model.

    Richard Lynn

    Hi Richard,

    Sorry for a long delay in responding to your introduction but I haven’t used the site much recently.  I’m sure we have met at one of the FLU events when Lancias were more common there. I’m Richard Lynn, also with a 1981 Zagato.  I don’t know if you’re planning to attend the East Coast Reunion near Philadelphia on Sep 9th-11th but it promises to be a good one. The details are on this website.  I’ll be there but in a Fulvia Coupe this time.

    Look forward to seeing you if you can make it.  If not and you still need some consultation on the Zagato, I’d be happy to help – I have a number of spare parts, too.


    I am from Latvia.

    I Lancia delta fan! May eweriday car is Lancia lybra,but wekend car Lancia delta 1.6hp turbo(1989)

    Good luck!

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