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    Hello,fellow Lancisti,
    After having been rejected as spam for 2 years, I am happy to join the forum. I have been an ALC member for as long as I can remember, but have been inactive since my good friend Harry Schwill passed away several years ago.
    I own the elusive 75 Beta Berlina. I bought her new, and she is still in super original condition,but now the brake master cylinder is frozen and I can not find a new one.I have a repair kit,but the cylinder will not come apart. This happened before,but I was able to buy a new one at that time.

    I am an old guy, and not good with computers. This is my first post.See how it goes



    Good to hear from you.

    Where are you located? Someone out there should be able to help you out with the master cylinder.

    Walt Spak


    Nice to hear from you.Maybe I did not introduce myself properly.The only other forum where I am active is a sailboat forum that is set up differently.
    My name is Herbert Dluhy and I live in Watchung NJ. I think we met many years ago at the Italian meet in the Poconos. You gave me a ride in your beta coupe around the Pocono raceway. I was there with Harry Schwill.
    I received a letter from you last year, but I can not find it now.I think you needed some response.
    There must have been another Lancia forum that I could not get into.There is not much going on in this forum. Also, how do you access Mercato?
    Can you post images and photos? In the sailboat forum you can do it, but it is complicated.
    I have real problems with that captcha code.Do we need that?
    Greetings, Herb

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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