Setting up Koni shocks for Fulvia Coupe?

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    Godfrey DiGiorgi

    I’ve obtained a set of new Koni shocks for my ’67 Fulvia Coupe: Koni 80-1500 fronts and 80-1501 rear. I’m wondering whether anyone else can tell me what settings they used when fitting them. I’m new enough to the Lancia Fulvia Coupe that I don’t know what’s right as yet…

    According to the Koni website, they recommend dialing the setting all the way to stop, counting how many turns (how much rotation anti-clockwise) it takes to get there. Then you should go 180° clockwise as the “full soft” baseline. If that’s different than it took to get to the full stop point, you can add/subtract the additional rotation if you want the factory setting, or come up with your own.

    Another Fulvia owner tells me that he turns the setting to the full stop in the anti-clockwise direction, then rotates the rod clockwise between 45° and 60° as his desired setting. That seems quite a lot less rebound damping than the “full soft” baseline recommended by Koni.

    What do other Koni users do when setting them up?

    Thanks in advance!

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