Wheel and tire sizing … ’67 Fulvia coupe S1

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    Godfrey DiGiorgi

    I’m sure this has been treated somewhere else before, so please pardon this newbie question. 🙂

    The standard wheels and tires on the 1967 Fulvia coupe are 14×4.5 inch wheels with 145R14 tires fitted. It’s somewhat difficult to find good quality tires in this size, and I’ve come across an offer for a full set of the later Chromodora mag wheels that the Fulvia coupes were fitted with. What size tires should be fitted to these wheels? I’ve seen cars fitted with 185/70R14 and 165/70R14. There are several good tire choices available in these sizes … What would generally work best?

    Thanks for your input!



    Hi Godfrey, We are running the 165/70R14 on our Fulvia sport with the Cromodora wheels. In my experience a narrower tire steers and drives nicer but maybe does not look as good as the 185.

    Enjoy the car,

    Leif Neuman

    Godfrey DiGiorgi

    Thanks Leif! Good to know … that’s about what I figured.

    Sorry to take so long to reply. I was away in Chicago area inspecting/buying/shipping the ’67 Fulvia coupe I’d found the week of the 19th … Yup, job done. 🙂

    Some Lancia club members probably know the car.

    The car arrived at my place in California last Friday: a couple of days spent cleaning and doing paperwork, it’s now insured, registered, and the new title in process. I’ve only driven it a little bit so far, but I’m smiling a lot!

    It has the Campy 13×5.5 alloy wheels on it now, with 185/70-13 tires which are pretty fresh. At some point, I’ll have the wheels magna fluxed and then, if they’re shown to be compromised, the 14×6 Chromodora wheels would be the sensible replacement and I calculated a 165/70 was likely better sizing for the larger wheel size; your response confirms that.

    Despite the car being pretty darn solid as is, there are a number of small details I’d like to improve upon and a couple minor things that need service as well. Happily, wheels/tires/brakes are already well-sorted.

    The journey begins… 🙂


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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