Our Club

The American Lancia Club was founded in 1956 by Hayden Shepley primarily as a group of Lambda owners in the North East area of the United States. The original set up was a $5.00 life time membership with informal gatherings and a mimeographed newssheet. As with the English/European car influx into the USA, which initially took place at the East and West coasts, the ALC evolved in a similar pattern.

In the 1960′s, first Franco Burgisser, then Dick Buckingham, worked with Hayden to develop the ALC into a national organization. One of the first reunions was held at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania in the fall of 1967. The first West Coast reunion took place in Southern California in 1970, and membership had grown to over 250. The club was incorporated in 1971. In the mid 70′s, Lancia returned to the States with the Beta and membership peaked in the early 80′s (1035 members in ’81). As of 2009 we have around 250 members.

The purpose of the Club at the time, and to this day are:

  1. To promote fellowship between Lancia owners and enthusiasts.
  2. To encourage the preservation of Lancia motor cars.
  3. To encourage the exchange of technical and parts information.
  4. To organize meets and reunions on regional, national, and international levels.
  5. To distribute publications on a regular basis and to publish a roster of members, their addresses and cars.
  6. To make available badges and other items with the club or factory emblems.
  7. To preserve and disseminate historical information on Lancia motor cars.

In order to fulfill these goals, the Club publishes Lanciana. Lanciana contains information of historical and general interest, and Club announcements. Members in good standing receive a Club Roster, including car lists. Major annual meets are held generally on the East Coast in the Fall, and on the West Coast in the Spring. These are at times supplemented by local rallies, picnics, technical sessions, and concours. The Club has commissioned the manufacture of badges, decals, jewelry, and apparel; these have been sanctioned by the factory in Torino, Italy.

Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st in the year that you join; if joining after October 12th, the following year is included. We hope that you, as an aficionado of beautiful, quality motor cars, as evidenced by your interest in Lancia, will want to join those of us who have owned and loved Lancias over the years.