Monterey Car week in the rear view mirror

As always there are way too many things lined up during the week so we tried to do what looked as a good variety of events.

Arrived on Tuesday and we tried to get into the Classic Motorsport welcome party, but when arrived, the parking was overfull and pre-registration did not make any difference so we turned our noses to Carmel and had a nice dinner at the “Hoggsbreath Inn”. It used to be impossible to find a table some years ago but with today’s many restaurants in the area it was no problem this time. Wednesday we made reservations for the Concorso breakfast with a couple of guest speakers ,who were discussing their memories around their cars.

A drive followed the breakfast, with the majority of the cars being modern with a/c. After a few miles we discovered that it would have been a lot more comfortable in one of those cars! The Monterey area is known as pleasantly cool if not cold, but the drive took us inland on HWY25 with temperatures more than 100 degr. . ! needless to say we were not comfortable during the 135mile + drive, but the following lunch and glass of wine made up for some of it.

During the day we met some “old” friends from the Maserati club and from them we found out that the Maserati Club International was no longer 0rganising gatherings and that maybe  it would be a good idea to start doing events together again.

Thursday is the day of the Pebble Beach Tour d’Elegance with their lunch stop on Ocean Ave. in Carmel. To have a good parking spot we made breakfast reservation in town and were able to beat the crowds and find a great spot near the avenue. The line-up of cars is impressive with a large variety of models. Lancia was represented by a 1925 Lambda Torpedo, 1964 and 1959 Flaminia Zagato and a 1955 Aurelia B24.


However, the most odd and interesting car in my 0pinion was the 1932 Mercedes-Benz SSKL Avus Race car shown by the Mercedes-Benz museum

After the car display we had the “Lancia Club Lunch”. It became a small group but we all enjoyed the great food and the temperature was perfect for an outside meal. The small group included the Pering’s, Katzman’s and the Neuman’s.

Friday most of the time is spent at the race track but this time we hooked up with the Maserati group for their drive. It was fun to once again meet some of the members we had not seen in years. The drive took us to a number of local wineries and ended with a dinner get together in Salinas. Again, the wine was poured while waiting for the food and pictures were viewed.


Saturday is the Concorso Italiano day and with anticipation we looked forward to the Lancia cars to be displayed. It turned out that only 9 cars were entered and with our president in bed with back problems, only 8 cars showed up, with one car displayed at the Pinninfarina area. So we only had 7 cars in our group but with a nice line-up nevertheless. We had three Scorpions, one Delta Integrale, two Fulvia Coupe and the winning Lancia, Fulvia Sport.









For us, the Concorso was the final event of this year’s Monterey week and Sunday was our travel day back home.


Leif Neuman

East coast Reunion

The American Lancia Club celebrates 63 years in 2019

2019 American Lancia Club East Coast Reunion
Sept. 13th
– 15th
– Moscow, Pennsylvania
• Friday: Arrival & Welcome Wine Party! Gourmet Dinner.
• Saturday: Scenic Mountain Drives – stop at a very private Vintage Car
Museum with more than 100 interesting vehicles & mechanical music, enjoy
a buffet lunch with Brandy & Richard at the new Lynn home on the banks
of the Susquehanna River. Additional attractive destinations in Scranton
(Steam Town/Electric City/Coal Mine Tour) and environs for the afternoon.
• Saturday evening: Donna and Dan Gardner have graciously invited us to
hold the ALC Reunion Dinner at their restored 1859 Homestead built by
Dan’s great-great grandfather. On the property are 2 garages full of cars &
automobile memorabilia collected over a lifetime of sports car competition.
• Saturday later: After Party with Music, Conversation, and a Raffle – (5
Raffle Tickets given to each paid attendee).
• Sunday: Concours & Farewells


Accommodations: Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel, 2000 Lackawanna Avenue,
Scranton, PA 18503. This is an historic Railway Station Hotel built in 1908 and fully
restored in the 1980s. Impressive original Renaissance French Décor combines with all
modern hotel conveniences. Rooms are discounted to $159.00 per night for our group.
Check-in is at 3:00p. As an option, you might wish to arrive one or two days early or
stay one or two nights longer at the same rate.
Please make reservations directly with Radisson at 570-342-8300 or 866-715-7836 and
be sure to mention American Lancia Club to get the discount. Reservations should be
made prior to 08/14/2019 to ensure availability.
The cost of the ALC portion is 125.00 per person if received before August 25th, or 135.00
thereafter until the final deadline of September 6
. Includes the Wine Party, Friday
night Gourmet Dinner, Saturday Rally Tour, Buffet Lunch, Auto Museum visit as well as
the Reunion Dinner and After Party.
Mail your Registration Form and payment to:
Richard Lynn, 106 Dymond Terrace, Tunkhannock, PA 18657
Any questions please email or call me at 973-851-5209.

The American Lancia Club celebrates 63 years in 2019

2019 American Lancia Club East Coast Reunion

_________________________________________________________ _______
_________________________________________________________ _______
Friday Gourmet Dinner Choices: No. Servings:
Pre Carved Roast Beef__________________________________ __________
Chicken Breast with Bruschetta Topping___________________ __________
Cod Casino___________________________________________ __________
If received before August 25, 2019:
Number of participants ___ times $125.00 =_____________total remittance (check
payable to Richard Lynn)
If received after August 25, 2019 but before September 6, 2019:
Number of participants ___ times $135.00 =_____________total remittance (check
payable to Richard Lynn)
Phone_______________________ email____________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________________
Mail to: Richard Lynn, 106 Dymond Terrace, Tunkhannock, PA 18657
Any questions? Please call 973-851-5209 or email

After-tour report


American Lancia Club West Coast Reunion After-tour.

May 2019


Day One.

Sunday May 19th

Oakdale to Plymouth California.


After morning showers and the final events of the West Coast Reunion the following Vehicles and folks departed on the aftertour:


1963 Lancia Flaminia Sport -Kjell Nelin

1958 Lancia Aurelia B20 – Neil Perring’s Car Driven by Eric Lynn with Kurt Longeron

1958 Lancia Appia – Lynn and Steve Peterson

1973 Lancia Fulvia Coupe – Neil and Elsa Perring

1967 Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato – Hank Koning

And in the moderns:

Fiat 500 Abarth -Steve and Jeanne Katzman

Porsche Cayenne- Paul and Vicki Tullius (the Aurelia Convertible was generatorless)

Mazda X5 – Alan and Shellagh Hornsby


The group enjoyed a 2.5hr drive through the wonderfully varying Northern California landscapes to Plymouth. The route was not a direct one (it never is) and included a detour through West Point and a coffee break in the charming historic town of Volcano.

Alas the Fulvia Coupe was not running so well and could not make it up the steep hill leaving Volcano; however, Neil was able to find a less steep route to the north of the town, obviously something to look into.

Plymouth proved to be a quaint town and the Rest Hotel – a boutique hotel and a harbinger of changes that will soon hit the town- was absolutely wonderful as was the adjacent Taste Restaurant. Both highly recommended.

Day 2.


Plymouth to Graeagle California


Following a tasty continental breakfast we headed north up SR49 through Placerville and some members diverted to Georgetown. Along the way, a young deer jumped out in front of Kjell’s car resulting in a bit of damage to the left headlights and left side. Fortunately, it remined drivable and Kjell was able to continue on the tour and get home. We then made an unplanned visit to Paul Thomasson in Georgetown. He has a very extensive collection of interesting vehicles including a classic Corvette, Mustang, Austin Healey, model T and a 1950s Borgward Silver Arrow all in various stages of completion. Unfortunately, the Perings Fulvia was having more issues and Paul was kind enough to rescue them and then we all managed to regroup for lunch in Nevada City. Then we headed up, the made for a Lancia, route 49 to Graeagle.

It got cold and the proposed Gold Lake Road shortcut was closed due to snow so we took the long way to SR 89. Chalet View Lodge was as pleasant as when we visited in 2014 and the ever-charming Lily English and her friend Ed…. came up from Chico to join us for the night and for dinner at the Iron Door restaurant in Jonesville. A light snow fell in the night giving each vehicle a lovely white top.





Day 3

Graeagle to Arnold

Obviously, what we thought was a light snow was more than that and the proposed route around Lake Tahoe was closed. As was route 49, 80, 50, 120,119, 89 and 4 (which we expected). So, breakfast was spent working out what to do. Eventually we decided on going North on 70 and down the beautiful North Fork of the Feather River and around the snow-covered mountains. Lynn and Steve and Kjell left the tour and returned home to Bishop directly from Graeagle and Paul and Vicky also returned directly to Chico (all as planned).









This new northern route created a long journey past Lake Oroville (no time to stop and inspect the reconstructed spillway) with lunch in Marysville then around Lake Folsom with a huge amount of water flowing over the spillway, through Plymouth to Arnold. The Meadowmont Lodge proved to be so much better than their website led us to believe and we enjoyed fine beer and wine and hearty food at the snowshoe brewery across the road.


Neil created a beautiful oil painting on the pavement as the Fulvia proved to be rather porous to oil.


Day 4

Arnold to Oakhurst

A light rain during the night created an icy frosting over the cars.

Too wet to hike at Big Trees so we enjoyed a leisurely coffee and breakfast nearby and returned to the Meadowmont to start our day’s journey.

The B20 was having starter issues and had been parking on slopes to allow gravity starts. However, that did not work on a cold engine, so a tow start by the Mazda was orchestrated and that eventually got it going. Lucky to have a modern handy. Neil tightened up the loose distributor clamping bolt to help restore power, filled up with oil and we were off again. The Fulvia Coupé and B20 peeled off home to the Bay Area, leaving 3 vehicles remaining – Fulvia Sport, Abarth and Mazda – heading to Oakhurst. A brief stop at Columbia Historic Park/Town to pick up some gifts, lunch at Buck Meadows Cafe and then the astonishingly beautiful drive on 120 and through the bottom end of Yosemite, complete with a little snow on the ground, cloud covered mountain tops and waterfalls. Then down Wawona Road with a stop at Wawona Lodge (can’t remember the new name) but alas no bar was open, so we head off to Oakhurst. A rolling stop established a need for a Park Ranger to educate Steve Katzman on the vehicle code – but luckily no ticket.


Day 5

Oakhurst to Three Rivers.

We headed off to Fresno via North Fork (despite last night’s waiter telling us he would not drive through Nork Fork -he thought it a bit sketchy). North Fork claims to be the center of California, then through Prather, to Fresno to tour the amazing Forestiere Underground Gardens. It’s a must do if you find yourself in Fresno.

Then some tasty and fresh Vietnamese food just down the road and off to Three Rivers. The fun way is 180 to Dunlap then 245 to Badger and J21 to 198 into three Rivers. The 245 is a blast to drive in a fine Italian sports car but beware of the school busses. The Lazy J Ranch Motel was the ideal ending to our journey. Beer and wine on the porch overlooking the grounds, then Mexican food with more beer and wine and we were all feeling happy with our travels.


In summary, the roads were great, the cars made it (but not without work), the varying weather made things challenging, and the unexpected stops added interest.  And I think it safe to say we all had a great time.


Let’s do it again next year following the reunion, wherever that will be, and all members please join us.


Ps. For me this was a total 1490 mile road trip from Santa Monica including the Reunion drives.


Hank Koning

Recap ALC West Coast Reunion

Recap of the West Coast American Lancia Club Reunion

The 2019 ALC West Coast Reunion was held on May 17-19 in the town of Oakdale, California. The hosts and organizers for the reunion were our illustrious club VP, Leif Neuman and wife, his Barbara. As always, the event kicked off with a meet and greet around the motel pool area where we drank wine, chatted with one and another and where many Lancia enthusiasts shared their progress and…frustrations, with Lancia projects. Barbara and Leif surprised us with an array of Barbara’s home-cooked dishes, a complete dinner meal appreciated and enjoyed by all. It was a lovely evening spent eating, drinking and chatting. The weather, at this time, was very cooperative for our outdoors event.

Following Breakfast on Saturday, we met with Leif for our rally instructions. Our destination was Ironstone Winery in Murphy’s for Lunch with a prior meet-up at Columbia State Historic Park. (I think that “most people” made it to either Columbia or the Ironstone Winery without getting lost)

The return trip back to the motel suggested a stop in the historic mining town of Copperopolis and also afforded a more “adventurous” drive for map challenged navigators. Our automobiles had two great opportunities to line up for photographs on the lovely grounds of the winery (See photos).

The chatting and commiserating of mechanical issues continued at the motel prior to meeting for dinner at the Firenze Ristorante in Oakhurst.

I forgot to mention that our Saturday drive was accompanied by rain as we maneuvered the twisty, meandering roads returning to the motel. Rain continued intermittently through the late Sunday morning. However, the rains did not stop “the People’s Choice Car Show” and mini lunch planned at the Oakdale Cheese Factory. It was not surprising that the People’s Choice Award went to one of the club’s newest members, Carol Athanasiu with her beautifully restored Lancia Flavia Pininfarina Coupe’. Carol is understandably enthusiastic about her car and we hope her enthusiasm will continue as she promises to be a valuable asset to our club.



The reunions are always an enjoyable event for meeting up with individuals who share our interest in Lancia automobiles, many known to us for many, many years, and new members who, we hope, will continue to share their interest at these events for many years to come. We would like to acknowledge the ongoing dedication to attend the West Coast ALC Reunions by our friends from Australia, Shellagh and Alan Hornsby. Thank you both for your friendship and support to our club.

Finally, we encourage more members to join in the After Tour that immediately follows the ALC Reunions. Hopefully Hank Koning will continue to be our “Tour Master” for future rallies. He adds humor to the tour, seeks out the most exciting, beautiful and (sometimes) challenging routes, and he is always there to make sure the caravan is intact and that no one is left behind. Thank you Hank!

Submitted by Vicki and Paul Tullius

Spensieri Lancia Appia

Photos of Luca Spensieri’s 1961 Appia For sale

Contact Luca



Retromobile 2019 report

(Received this report from Phil after visiting this years Retromobile)

I just returned from a quick trip to the City of Lights for this year’s opening of Retromobile. It is hard to put in words the sheer scope of this event-there really is no equivalent in the U.S. It’s part celebration the golden age of French motoring (deDion-Bouton or Gnome-Rhone anyone?), and part vintage car fantasy-land, with all marques and eras well represented. The organizers really pull out the all stops for this one, and the entry fee is a very reasonable 19€ per day. While you could likely run across just about any model of Lancia scattered among the various clubs and dealer displays, if you want to cover the whole event some planning is required. Two days is barely enough time to give the show justice. Three is better. Should you linger too long in one area (easy to do, with curiosities to delight your motoring fancy at every turn) , you are in danger of missing another display entirely  I almost missed what would be the highlight of the show for any Lancisti. In a large space to the far right of the 1st pavillion is an amazing  private collection of no less than 30 Lancias, many iconic and rarely seen, and all in show condition. The display itself is prominently placed beneath illuminated Lancia signs and behind a black velvet rope manned by a pretty hostess (in a smart Lancia uniform, no less!). The rope is there just for an entry point-the cars are directly accessible. For a moment I thought Lancia (?) itself might be involved, but that was just a fantasy. I believe the collection was based in Germany, but unknown to me-perhaps other members are familiar with it. Another highlight was the Lancia Stratos Zero Concept car which the Lancia Club of France had managed to free from its hiding place for display at their stand.  Some personal favorites were the 1955 Alfa Romeo 750 Sports Racer prototype (based on Giulietta running gear) at the FCA Heritage stand, and the many beautiful and rare 60’s  DS19 and DS21 Chapron convertibles, all impeccably restored,  at the Citroen display. The show runs through this Sunday(2-10-19).






























Phil Anderson

Remembering Former ALC Member, John Cecil

It was a beautiful day in Walnut Creek when family and several friends from the NorCalLancia Group gathered at the Creekside Grill to celebrate the life of former ALC member, and our friend, John Cecil. John’s life ended on October 31st, just a week before he and his wife, Becky, lost their home in the Camp Fire in Paradise, California. Family members in attendance included Becky and her Granddaughter Shiobhan (Tracy), Son Tony and his friend Robin (Red Bluff), Granddaughter Becky and her husband Steven (San Jose), Grandson Sam and his girlfriend Lauren (Tracy) and Grandson Chris Tracy).

NorCal attendees included ALC vice president, Leif Neuman and wife Barbara, Elsa and Neil Pering, Jean and Steve Katzman, Vicki and Paul Tullius, Tom Gilmore, Kent Emery and the event organizer, Steve Snyder. Becky commented, “It was  lovely luncheon and thank you to everyone who came to acknowledge John”. Steve Snyder did a great job of pulling people together and in finding a reasonably accessible location for all to meet. Becky also added, “John would love to have been there with us”. He was certainly there in spirit! We miss you, John.


Vicki Tullius.

Todd Radke Track Car

Todd is selling his 1981 Beta Coupe Track car.

The list of improvements on the car is long and the price he is asking $ 3500.00 does not cover the parts installed.

Here is a list:

Ground Control coilovers
New rotors, pads and stainless steel brake lines
Rebuilt brake calipers
Racing seats with custom mounting plate and 4 point harnesses
Oil cooler and new oil filter mounting fixture
Custom baffled oil pan
Engine water pipe chrome plated
New spark plugs and wires
Custom strut braces front and rear
Wink wide angle inside rear view mirror
Custom rear spoiler
Fiberglass flares
15 x 7 Rota (Pansport style) wheels
Toyo R88 race tires
Battery moved to trunk
Fuel pump and filter moved to trunk
Momo style steering wheel and adapter
Gas tank removed and cleaned inside and out
All glass intact (no cracks)
K&N air filter
Windows converted to manual to reduce weight
AC and smog equipment removed
Bumpers removed to reduce weight
There are ZERO miles on all the above parts and modifications
Please contact Todd if interested or have questions.
Todd Radke

January Calendar Photo

The Calendar as well as the artist drawing on the back of the calendar is of the 1967 Flaminia Sport owned by Ari and Kristin Baron.