The passing of John Cecil

Dear Lancia Friends: We have sad news to share with you regarding the loss of a long-time friend and Lancia enthusiast, John Cecil. John died suddenly in his home in Magalia, California on October 31st. John has not been a recent member of the club but attended and supported the Lancia Reunion’s in 2014 in Graeagle and again in Lone Pine. John was 84 years at the time of his death.
We first met John and his wife, Becky, in the early 70’s when we attended our first reunion in Carmel Valley. Both John and Becky were living in Sunnyvale at the time and worked at Lockheed Martin Corporation. John retired from Lockheed 26 years ago and moved to the mountain area of Magalia, with Becky soon retiring and joining him there. One wonderful anecdote about John: During one of our rally’s, several members were trying to assess the problem with a disabled car. John cleverly diagnosed and resolved the problem, to which he said, “Well, you know it isn’t rocket science, although . . . I am a rocket scientist”. He was extremely bright, loved his Lancia Automobiles and we will miss him so very much.
A celebration of life for John was planned for October 16th. Unfortunately, his celebration was cancelled due to the Camp Fire in Paradise. As you all must know, the town of Paradise has been about 90 percent destroyed by this horrific fire storm. Unfortunately, John and Becky’s home in Magalia, a community also destroyed by the fire, was one of those totally lost in the fire. Becky is safe and presently staying with her daughter in Tracy, California. She has been hit with 2 major life crisis in just a week’s time. I would encourage those of you who know or do not know them but would like to acknowledge this difficult time, reach out to Becky and to share your condolences, memories and/or history with John. I know that she will be touched by your communication with her as will her family.
Becky can be reached at: Rebecka (Becky) Cecil C/O Siobhan Edgar Cecil 233 E. Carlton Way Tracy, CA 95376


ADDENDUM: Please note that Lancia member, Todd Radke, was also someone who lost his home in the Camp Fire. Todd was the owner of the beautiful blue Fulvia (original owners were Judy and Dick Buckingham) recently restored by Todd. The fire erupted and spread so quickly that Todd was able to leave the fire with only his life but none of his possessions, including his valuable and loved automobile collection. Todd is presently safe and staying with a friend in Chico. If you would like to acknowledge his loss and appreciation that he is still with us today, you can reach Todd on his cell phone, 530-570-5169.
Vicki and Paul Tullius

November Calendar photo

The photo of the 1923 Lancia Torpedo was taken during the 2007 ALC Reunion!

Owner: ALC MemberTina Bird


Second picture taken at the French-Italian car show

November 4 2018

Another opportunity!

Club member Mark Robinson is offering his 1966 Flaminia Berlina for sale. The car is located in Southern California

It is mostly complete but in need of completion of the started restoration. Mark is open for offers so please contact him if interested.


Sam Danenberger is offering his beautiful 1967 Fulvia series 1 for sale. The car is a long time California car that currently resides in Waukegan, IL


Would like to see if I can sell this Fulvia to concentrate on the Rallye
$29,500 asking price….hate to see it go but need room
It is a very sound car from California
Has Campagnolo mags that are very desirable

October Calendar Photo

The October Car is the 1976 Scorpion owned by

Bert and Judy Straus from Timonium, MD.

The car is build number 17 and is looking stunning!

Photos taken during 2017 East Coast reunion.

September Calendar photo

September car is the 1966 Lancia Fulvia HF 1.2 Owned  by Leif and Barbara Neuman

Calendar photo taken during 2015 Gran Premio Nuvolari

The car was brought back from Europe this June and enjoyed in events here this summer and fall

With Steve Peterson during Monterey week                                                                                   In the Redwoods, Barbara taking photos of a Chinese girl.

Ferndale Concours on Main street

This years Ferndale event was held the weekend of September 7 – 9.

I was able to talk Barbara in to go with me and she decided that if we were going, let’s take the Fulvia! Not sure if she would have suggested that if she knew that the temp around Clearlake got up in the mid nineties! Stopped a couple of times to cool us off, but arrived in Ferndale in time for the welcoming party. As last year the get-together was held at the Victorian Inn on Main Street.


After dinner at the “Farmhouse on Main street” we went back to our hotel pondering the fact that I forgot to bring any warm clothes! Saturday morning was the drive and before going to the start we stopped and got ourselves a pair of jackets so we would enjoy the cool temperatures. The drive took us on back roads towards Eureka and a stop at the Harper Auto Museum, a collection of nicely restored cars.

After the stop at the museum we continued the drive and another stop at a small Maritime museum.

The last portion of the drive brought us back to Eureka and this time to the Ingomar Club Mansion where we had a lunch buffet.

The size difference between the Fulvia and Oldsmobile is making the Fulvia almost look like a kids toy!

After lunch we were on our own and took a nice drive south of Ferndale on “The Avenue of the Giants”  and made a stop to enjoy the majestic trees. A group of Chinese tourists and a local biker was enjoying the car. The Chinese girls took turns getting photos taken hugging the biker with the Fulvia as backdrop. Barbara thought it was her turn also before checking up with his companion still waiting on the bike.




















Sunday Concours was just a display in our case with the judges not sending a single look our way as there were a large field of qualified entrants for the awards.

To start the Concours, a Coast Guard helicopter did a flyby.

The drive back home after the event was a breeze as temperatures stayed in the low to mid eighties. Another great weekend with a chance to enjoy the Lancia.



Monterey Week recap

This years Monterey week started for me on Tuesday at the  Classic Motorsports welcome party in Pacific Grove. I thought I was going to be visiting with a couple of magazine readers but found a street lined up through block after block with anything from the latest in sports cars to some old timers from the twenties.

One crazy thing happened as a couple stood looking at my car so I asked them if they knew anything about Lancia. When they answered I could hear they had a strong accent that I recognized as Swedish so the conversation continued in that language . During the conversation I was asked if this possibly used to be Håkan Lidebjers car!! He had wondered what happened to the car as it was no longer at the garage where it was stored with some of the other rally cars. It is a very small world. I later met them again at Concorso on Saturday.

Wednesday Started with the Concorso sponsored Breakfast meeting at Black Horse Golf Course and after that the Lunch Drive that lined up a variety of both new and classic sports cars. The event turned out to be great and ended at the Pessagno Winery for a tasty lunch.

Back at the hotel Steve Peterson met up and the evening was spent at the Voboril Party. This year the celebration was for a racing career that was coming to its last race and the beginning for the next generation that is taking over. As previous years this is a great event and quite a few Lancia Club members were there to celebrate. The food and wine was excellent and the music fit the location to a tee. On behalf of the ALC members, thank you Jan and Meredith for inviting us!!






Thursday was the yearly “Pebble Beach Tour d’Elegance” with the lunch stop on Ocean Ave.  We went to Carmel Valley and got a first glance of the cars coming down to the main road and then we went down south of Carmel to see them coming by before heading to Ocean Ave. and see the cars up close.

1932 Lancia DiLambda Viatti Torpedo and Steve Peterson educating a admirer.

Temporary check by the mechanic during the drive.

We met quite a few  ALC members between the cars and when we ended the car ogling, we stopped for lunch in a Swiss restaurant before heading to a couple of auctions to preview some interesting cars.

The nose emblem was discussed but as none of us knew enough about it, we just have to have someone pitch in with an answer if this is what it should look like.

Friday was Track-day! We went early to get a chance to see the Prewar cars with Jan and Michelle testing the cars and track. The sound of some of these cars are fabulous and one that caught my ears and eyes was the  1916 Sturdevant Romano Special! The open valves and straight exhaust headers are looking great.

This car is being shown at the Ironstone Concours d’Elegance September 22.

Jan Voboril was driving his 1935 2000 cc Alta Grand Prix car and Michelle drove the 1928 Fiat 520 Torpedo. Talking to Michelle she thought that with the speed of the Fiat she could take a couple of passengers in the back seat and look as if she was on a picnic drive. However, this was her first race at the Monterey Historic so we are looking forward to the next event and hope she is able to get in a couple of faster laps.

This was the last race for Jan after competing since 1976. The photo boards were showing some great moments during his career.












After the races we took Steves Lambda to the Concorso for early placement and some food and wine hosted by Heacock Insurance. Friday placement make Saturday morning a bit easier when all the rest of the field of cars arrive and start competing for space. During the placement evening we found out that we were expecting 15 Lancia cars in the event with age ranging from Steve’s 1924 Lambda to a 1993 Integrale Evo2



The car that received most attention was the 1939 Aprilia displayed by the San Diego Automotive Museum. A great looking car with an interesting history.











The winners of the Lancia concours at the event were:

Third: Steve Peterson with his 1924 Lancia Lambda

shared Second: Bryan Wright with his 1968 Lancia Flavia 1.8 Iniezione and Todd Radke with his 1973 Fulvia 1.3s



Winner: Zachary Shulman with the 1960 Flaminia GT Touring

As a wrap-up of the week – it was more events than before and you really have to pick what interest you, I could have done more things but as a whole I am glad I did the events we did and look forward to next event.

Chico Concours

Paul Tullius was awarded “The Most Elegant” car in the Chico Concours D’ Elegance this past weekend.  The Lambda has a “few bugs” to work out including paint touch up but she ran well to and from the concourse venue.  There were 150 entrants in the show and the Lambda was not even entered to be judged.  She is truly beautiful!!!!   Vicki

August Calendar photo


The August Calendar Car is the Beautiful 1956 Aurelia B24S owned by Jim and Julie Harn