2013 East Coast Reunion

The 2013 American Lancia Fall Reunion is being hosted by Tom Lacosta
at his beautiful home in Gladstone, New Jersey. Tom has a wonderful
facility that houses his eleven Fulvia’s. Tom hasn’t had much of an
opportunity to attend reunions because he is incredibly busy racing
his Fulvia’s during the summer and fall. The Gladstone area has quite
a network of good driving roads, many of which we will get to
experience. Our Saturday drive will include a stop at Van Sant
Airport in Bucks County where the daring can take a ride in a Biplane
( weather permitting) Please see http://866mustfly.com.
We will also be in very close proximity to Gladstone Equestrian
Association, Bamboo Brook Outdoor Education Center, and Hacklebarney
State Park. There are also many quaint towns on these back roads.

The reunion cost will be $ 70.00 per person, $35.00 per child and will
include Friday night wine and cheese at the hotel and a Saturday
evening barbeque banquet at Scuderia Lacosta.

I have arranged to have rooms held for us at the Hotel Indigo, 80
Allen Road, Basking Ridge , N.J. 07920 – 908-580-1300. We have been
given an excellent rate of $ 109.00 per night. The rate includes a
full hot breakfast buffet for 2 persons per room, per day. Please
make your own reservations prior to August 26 2013


Lancia Club at Radnor

by Harlan Hadley

The 100 Cars of Radnor has for fifteen years been as good a concours as exists on the east coast. All marques are featured. This year there was one of the ‘drop of water” Talbot Lago and an Isotta Fraschini boattail coupe that would bring tears to your eyes. Lancias have always been a part of the show. This year the theme was Rally Cars; what brand has ever matched Lancia in the world of Rallying so it was appropriate that our favorite marque be specially featured.

Four wonderful Lancias were accepted to be on the lawn. A particular honor was the attendance of Ed Levin from Los Angeles who brought his gorgeous, just restored, brilliant red Fulvia HF coupe.   Michael Kiristick brought his factory-built Flavia racecar. It is a car that displays its competition pedigree in large type. Don Schwartzkopf brought a very, very nice Flaminia drophead and Walter Miller brought his Aurelia B-12 which has a long European and South African rally history. The club was honored with a Lancia “raduno” at the Friday night outdoor BBQ at the Thorncroft Equestrian Center. My Fulvia Sport and Ed’s Fulvia Coupe were parked nose to tail in the only two spaces visible from the area of congregation.   They had a small crowd around them all night!

Greg Moore competed in Saturday’s Road Rally in his Flaminia coupe and Ed Levin and his oldest friend competed in the Road Rally on Saturday. He received the award for “The Most Intriguing Rally Car”. Well deserved! Mr. Schwartzkopf and Michael Kristick were awarded “Spirit of Radnor” trophies.

Ed Levin is a very gregarious, knowledgeable maniac for detail and his delectable Fulvia HF shows it. The under hood is immaculate and sports a number of rather rare parts including a valve cover oil filler cap. Ed’s fuse box is worthy of special examination. This car attracted closet Lancia enthusiasts out of the crowd.

We can be very proud of the way our club and our favorite brand were represented at Radnor. Also remarkable was the way our western faction and our eastern factions were united at Radnor.

All up, Lancia and the American Lancia Club made a very significant impression at Radnor this year.